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Format Artist Titel Pris
2CD Alice In Chains Jar of flies / SapSÅLD
CD Alice In Chains sameSÅLD
LP Altered Images Pinky blueSÅLD
7" Anderson, Laurie Language is a virus30:-
LP Anderson, Laurie Home of the braveSÅLD
LP Anderson, Laurie Big scienceSÅLD
LP Armoury Show Waiting for the floods69:-
LP Arno same SÅLD
7" Art Bears Rats & monkeys99:-
LP Au Pairs Playing with a different sex249:-
7" Aztec Camera All I need is everything40:-
12" À;Grumh The price is rightSÅLD
12" À;Grumh And now for something completely..SÅLD
12" À;Grumh Bloody sideSÅLD
12" À;Grumh Too many cocks spoil the breathSÅLD
LP Bailey, Chris What we did on our holidays SÅLD
LP Bauhaus Burning from the insideSÅLD
LP Bauhaus Singles 1981-83SÅLD
LP Bauhaus MaskSÅLD
LP Bauhaus In the flat fieldSÅLD
2LP Bauhaus Swing the heartache, BBC SessionsSÅLD
LP Bauhaus Sky's gone outSÅLD
LP Becketts Lust69:-
7" Belle Stars Signs of the times30:-
LP Bert Barten Buried alive89:-
LP Bill Nelsons Red Noise Sound on soundSÅLD
12" Birdland Paradise49:-
12" Birdland Sleep with me49:-
12" Birthday Party Peel sessionsSÅLD
CD Birthday Party Junk yardSÅLD
CD Birthday Party Mutiny / The Bad Seed EPSÅLD
CD Birthday Party HitsSÅLD
CD Björk MedullaSÅLD
CD Björk HomogenicSÅLD
CD Björk VespertineSÅLD
CD Björk PostSÅLD
CD Björk Debut59:-
LP Black Wonderful lifeSÅLD
LP Bleached Ride your heart129:-
LP Blue Aeroplanes SwaggerSÅLD
LP Blue Bells Sisters69:-
7" Blue Zoo Cry boy cry50:-
LP Boomtown Rats A tonic for the troopsSÅLD
LP Boomtown Rats V Deep69:-
EP Bragg, Billy Levi Stubbs tears60:-
7" Bright, Bette Hello I am your heart30:-
7" Bright, Bette When you were mine40:-
LP Butthole Surfers PiouhgdSÅLD
LP Butthole Surfers Rembrandt pussyhorseSÅLD
12" Cabaret Voltaire Don't argue49:-
12" Cabaret Voltaire Dream ticket59:-
LP Cabaret Voltaire The Crackdown69:-
7" Cale, John Ooh la la30:-
LP Cale, John Caribbean sunset79:-
7" Camper Van Beethoven Life is grandSÅLD
CD Captain Beefheart Safe as milkSÅLD
LP Captain Beefheart Ice cream for crowSÅLD
LP Captain Beefheart Unconditionally guaranteedSÅLD
CD Captain Beefheart Unconditionally guaranted69:-
LP Carnival Art Thrumdrone69:-
2LP Cave In AntennaSÅLD
LP Cave, Nick The Firstborn is deadSÅLD
CD Cave, Nick No more shall we partSÅLD
CD Cave, Nick Murder balladsSÅLD
2CD Cave, Nick Nocturama (lim. ed bonus-dvd)SÅLD
CD Cave, Nick Songs for a november night149:-
CD Cave, Nick Murder ballads (Limited edition)SÅLD
2CD Cave, Nick Best of + bonus Live-cdSÅLD
LP Cave, Nick & Bad seeds Dig Lazarus dig! , (LP+12)SÅLD
12" Chapter and the Verse Black whip59:-
7" Charlatans Then60:-
12" Chemistry Set Don't turn away (Spain)89:-
LP Christian Death Past, present and forever179:-
CD Church Sometime anywhereSÅLD
LP Church sameSÅLD
CD Church Magician among the spiritsSÅLD
LP Church StarfishSÅLD
LP Cocteau Twins TreasureSÅLD
12" Colorblind James Exp. Peel sessions79:-
LP Colorblind James Experience same69:-
7" Colour Field Thinking of youSÅLD
7" Colour Field The Colour field40:-
7" Colour Field Castles in the airSÅLD
7" Colour Field TakeSÅLD
12" Colourbox Baby I love you so59:-
12" Colourbox The official C.B. world cup theme49:-
LP Connells Fun and games69:-
12" Consolidated Dysfunctional59:-
12" Coyle, Peter Circles of lies59:-
CD Creed Human claySÅLD
LP Cult Electric99:-
LP Cult LoveSÅLD
LP Cure Faith (gatefold)SÅLD
7" Cure CatchSÅLD
7" Cure Hanging GardenSÅLD
7" Cure The Walk50:-
7" Cure Inbetween daysSÅLD
7" Cure Lovecats50:-
LP Cure DisintegrationSÅLD
LP Cure The TopSÅLD
LP Cure EntreatSÅLD
7" Cure A letter to Elise69:-
LP Cure Seventeen secondsSÅLD
LP Cure Faith (uk)SÅLD
CD Cure Boys don't crySÅLD
CD Cure WishSÅLD
CD Cure Wild mood swingsSÅLD
2LP Cure Kiss me kiss me kiss meSÅLD
LP Cure PornographySÅLD
2LP Cure Kiss me kiss meSÅLD
LP Cutting Crew Broadcast59:-
12" Daisy Chainsaw Pink flower49:-
7" Dalis Car The judgement is the mirror79:-
LP Dazibao AmokSÅLD
LP Deacon Blue Fellow hoodlums69:-
LP Dead Can Dance sameSÅLD
LP Dead Can Dance Serpent's eggSÅLD
LP Dead Can Dance Spleen and idealSÅLD
CD Delaware And everything reminds me49:-
CDS Deus Sister Dew40:-
7" Devo Såtisfactiön75:-
7" Devo Peek a booSÅLD
12" Died Pretty Next to nothing59:-
LP Died Pretty Every brilliant eye79:-
LP Diesel Park West Flipped79:-
LP Diesel Park West Shakespeare Alabama69:-
LP Dizzy Satellites Dizzneyworld79:-
7" Dodgems Lord Lucan is missing99:-
LP Dont Mean Maybe Live Sample59:-
LP Drive Greasegirls79:-
12" Drive Go out - be happy59:-
7" Dury, Ian I want to be straight30:-
7" Dury, Ian Hit me with your rhythm stick75:-
7" Dury, Ian Sex & drugs & rock & roll75:-
LP Dury, Ian Do it yourself (uk)SÅLD
LP Dury, Ian Laughter59:-
LP Dury, Ian New boots and pantiesSÅLD
LP Dury, Ian Juke-box Dury59:-
7" Dury, Ian & Blockheads What a waste30:-
LP Eat Sell me a God69:-
7" Echo & Bunnymen Bring on the dancing horsesSÅLD
7" Echo & Bunnymen Killing moonSÅLD
LP Echo & Bunnymen sameSÅLD
LP Echo & Bunnymen Ocean rainSÅLD
LP Echo & Bunnymen ReverberationSÅLD
2CD Editors Weight of your love69:-
LP Einstürzende Neubauten Halber menschSÅLD
CD Einstürzende Neubauten Tabula rasa (digi)SÅLD
CD Einstürzende Neubauten Perpetuum mobile (digi)SÅLD
LP Europeans Recurring dreamsSÅLD
LP Everything But the Girl Language of lifeSÅLD
LP Fabulous Poodles Think pink69:-
LP Fatima Mansions Viva dead ponies89:-
LP Fields Of The Nephilim The NephilimSÅLD
2LP Fields of the Nephilim Earth inferno (2LP)SÅLD
LP Fields of the Nephilim EliziumSÅLD
LP Fields of the Nephilim Elizium - bild på Insert:-
LP Fields of the Nephilim Dawnrazor199:-
LP Fischer-Z Red skies over paradise69:-
LP Fischer-Z World salat89:-
7" FIXX One thing leads to another40:-
7" FIXX Secret separation40:-
LP Fluid Roadmouth ( Sub Pop )SÅLD
7" Flying Lizards Money60:-
7" Flying Lizards TV60:-
7" Flying Lizards Lovers & other strangers60:-
2CD Foo Fighters In your honorSÅLD
CD Fury In The Slaughterhouse Mono59:-
CD Fury In The Slaughterhouse Seconds to fall69:-
7" Gang Of Four To hell with powerty60:-
7" Gang Of Four I love a man in uniformSÅLD
LP Gang Of Four EntertainmentSÅLD
CD Gang Of Four Entertainment!SÅLD
CDS Garbage Push it49:-
7" Gene Loves Jezebel The Cow60:-
7" Go-Betweens Spring rain75:-
LP Go-Betweens Bright yellow bright orangeSÅLD
LP Go-Betweens Liberty Belle and Black Diamond ..SÅLD
LP Gore Gore Girls Up all night99:-
LP Guadalcanal Diary Walking in the shadow of the big manSÅLD
CD Gun Club Pastoral hide & seekSÅLD
LP Gun Club Fire of loveSÅLD
CD Harvey PJ Rid of meSÅLD
CD Harvey PJ Stories from the city stories ...SÅLD
CD Harvey PJ To bring you my love59:-
CD Harvey PJ To bring you my love59:-
CD Harvey PJ Is this desire?59:-
LP HDQ Soul finder69:-
LP Hip Horace Hand it back395:-
2LP Housemartins Now that's what I call quite goodSÅLD
LP Housemartins London O Hull 4SÅLD
LP Housemartins People who grinned themselves...SÅLD
LP Hummingbirds Love Buzz49:-
12" Hypnotics Justice in freedom59:-
LP In The Colonnades same99:-
12" In The Colonnades Fryday145:-
LP Its Immaterial Life is hard and then you die59:-
CD Jane's Addiction Nothing's shockingSÅLD
CD Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo habitualSÅLD
CD Jarvinen, Arthur Erase the fake69:-
LP Jazz Butcher Fishcotheque69:-
CD Jesus and Mary Chain Psychocandy49:-
LP Jesus And Mary Chain AutomaticSÅLD
7" Jesus Loves You Bow down mister40:-
LP Joy Division Live at Manchester 1979 (first press)SÅLD
12" Joy Division Love will tear us apartSÅLD
12" Joy Division Atmosphere (1988)SÅLD
LP Joy Division Unknown pleasuresSÅLD
LP Joy Division CloserSÅLD
12" Joy Division Atmosphere (1980)SÅLD
CD Joy Division CloserSÅLD
LP Kentucky Headhunters Pickin on Nashville69:-
CDS Kerbdog Dry riser (digi)49:-
LP Kingmaker Eat yourself whole79:-
LP Kitchens Of Distinction Strange free world59:-
LP L'Amourder Under slow pillarsSÅLD
CD Larval Obedience49:-
CD Latin Quarter Nothing like velvet95:-
LP Latin Quarter Modern times69:-
CD Le Tigre sameSÅLD
LP Let's Active Every dog has his day59:-
LP Lewie, Jona On the other hand there is a fistSÅLD
CDS Live The Dolphin's cry49:-
12" Loves Young Nightmares All to muchSÅLD
12" Lovich, Lene Bird songSÅLD
7" Lovich, Lene New toy40:-
LP Lovich, Lene FlexSÅLD
12" Luxuria The beast box is dreaming49:-
7" Magazine About the weather50:-
7" Magazine Rhythm of cruelty75:-
LP Magazine The correct use of soapSÅLD
LP Magazine Play (live)SÅLD
LP Magazine Secondhand daylightSÅLD
LP Magazine Magic murder and the weather (UK)89:-
LP Mas, Carolyn Modern dreams79:-
LP Mas, Carolyn Hold on79:-
LP Material / Bill Laswell Seven soulsSÅLD
LP Members 1980 the choice is yours69:-
LP Members At the Chelsea nightclub79:-
LP Mission Gods own medicineSÅLD
LP Mission Carved in sandSÅLD
LP Mission Children69:-
LP Mock Turtles Two sides69:-
7" Modern English Smiles and laughter60:-
12" Modern English Gladhouse69:-
LP Moodists Thirsty's calling79:-
7" More Protein Jesus loves you40:-
CD Morrissey Ringleaders of the tormentorsSÅLD
LP Morrissey Viva hateSÅLD
LP Morrissey Kill uncleSÅLD
CD Morrissey Southpaw grammarSÅLD
CD Morrissey Bona dragSÅLD
CD Morrissey Best ofSÅLD
7" Morrissey Piccadilly PalareSÅLD
7" Morrissey Our FrankSÅLD
7" Morrissey Last of the famous intern. playboys SÅLD
CD Morrissey Ringleader of the tormentors49:-
CD Morrissey You are the quarrySÅLD
LP Motors Approved by the MotorsSÅLD
LP MX-80 Sound Out of the tunnelSÅLD
LP MX-80 Sound Crowd controlSÅLD
CD My Bloody Valentine Loveless49:-
CD My Bloody Valentine Isn't anythingSÅLD
CDS Nada Surf Popular40:-
LP Nash The Slash Million year picknicSÅLD
12" New Fast Automatic Daffodils Fishes eyes49:-
LP New Model Army VengeanceSÅLD
7" New Order CeremonySÅLD
7" New Order ProcessionSÅLD
7" New Order Blue monday 1988SÅLD
7" New Order Temptation 99:-
12" New Order Blue monday 1988SÅLD
LP Nico Drama of exileSÅLD
7" Nirvana Smells like teen spiritSÅLD
12" Nirvana Blew , (12 PIC EP)SÅLD
CD Nirvana It's better to burn out than to ...SÅLD
LP O'Connor, Hazel Cover plusSÅLD
CDS Oasis D'you know what I mean? (promo)SÅLD
12" Opal Norhern lineSÅLD
LP Ordinaires same69:-
LP Pearl Harbor & Explosions same69:-
LP Pearl Jam TenSÅLD
LP Penetration Moving targets79:-
LP Personnel On strike69:-
LP Pete Wylie and Wah Infamy69:-
LP Peter & Test Tube Babies Soberphobia69:-
LP Phillips, Sam Cruel inventions69:-
12" Pigbag Getting up69:-
12" Pigbag Hit the O'deck69:-
LP Pigbag Lend an ear89:-
LP Pixies Come on pilgrimSÅLD
LP Pixies BossanovaSÅLD
LP Pixies Doolittle (Limited edition)SÅLD
LP Pixies Surfer RosaSÅLD
CD Pixies Surfer RosaSÅLD
CD Pixies Doolittle59:-
LP Pixies Trompe le mondeSÅLD
7" Plastic Bertrand Stop ou encore30:-
7" Plastic Bertrand Sentimental me30:-
LP Play Dead Company of justice79:-
LP Playground Sleeping dogs69:-
LP Poi Dog Pondering Wishing like a mountain...69:-
7" Pop Will Eat Itself There is no love50:-
LP Prefab Sprout From Langley Park to Memphis49:-
LP Prefab Sprout Steve McQueenSÅLD
CD Primal Scream Vanishing pointSÅLD
LP Pritchard, Bill 3 months 3 weeks 2 days119:-
12" Public Image Limited Bad lifeSÅLD
CD Radiohead Pablo honey40:-
LP Rain Parade Crashing dream69:-
LP Random Hold The view from here99:-
2LP Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood sugar sex magikSÅLD
CD Resistance MuseSÅLD
7" Revillos Bongo brain49:-
CD Rex 3 (digipack)39:-
CD Ride Going blank againSÅLD
LP Ride Nowhere295:-
7" Ridgway, Stan Calling out to CarolSÅLD
12" Ridgway, Stan Walkin home aloneSÅLD
LP River City Tanlines I'm your negative119:-
CDS Rollins Band DisconnectSÅLD
LP Sandii & Sunsetz Immigrants79:-
CD Search Bloodbathe & bazaar...59:-
7" Secret Affair Let your heart dance30:-
LP Shocked, Michelle Short sharp shocked69:-
12" Shriekback Working on the ground49:-
CD Sigur Rós ( )SÅLD
7" Silencers I see red40:-
LP Silencers Dance to the holy manSÅLD
CD Silverfish Organ fan69:-
LP Simcess Play with your life79:-
7" Sisters Of Mercy Doctor JeepSÅLD
LP Sisters Of Mercy Vision thingSÅLD
CD Sisters Of Mercy FloodlandSÅLD
12" Sisters Of Mercy No time to cry (12)SÅLD
7" Skids Working for the yankee dollar30:-
7" Skids Sweet Suburria40:-
LP Skids Days in EuropaSÅLD
LP Sleep Win or looseSÅLD
12" Smashing Pumpkins I am oneSÅLD
LP Smith, Patti Dream of lifeSÅLD
LP Smith, Patti WaveSÅLD
LP Smith, Patti Easter199:-
LP Smith, Patti Radio EthiopiaSÅLD
LP Smith, Patti HorsesSÅLD
LP Smiths Meat is murderSÅLD
LP Smiths Strangeways here we comeSÅLD
LP Smiths RankSÅLD
LP Smiths The Queen is deadSÅLD
2LP Smiths Louder than bombs (2lp)SÅLD
LP Smiths sameSÅLD
CD Smiths SinglesSÅLD
CD Smiths Best IISÅLD
7" Smiths AskSÅLD
7" Smiths What difference does it make?SÅLD
7" Smiths Girlfriend in a coma99:-
7" Smiths Boy with the torn in his sideSÅLD
7" Smiths Shoplifters of the world uniteSÅLD
7" Smiths I started something I couldn't finish125:-
7" Smiths This charming man SÅLD
LP Snakefinger Chewing hides the sound195:-
LP Snakefinger Greener Postures145:-
LP Snakefinger Manual of errors195:-
LP Snakefinger Against the grain145:-
LP Snuffsaidbut... Workers playtime69:-
LP Something Happens Stuck together with God's glue69:-
CD Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set...SÅLD
CD Sonic Youth DirtySÅLD
CD Sonic Youth Washing machineSÅLD
LP Souled American Around the horn99:-
LP Soup Dragons This is our Art69:-
CD Spektor, Regina Soviet kitschSÅLD
CD Spektor, Regina Begin to hope59:-
LP Springhouse Land falls69:-
CDS Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline30:-
CDS Stone Temple Pilots Days of the week49:-
CDS Stone Temple Pilots Big bang baby49:-
CDS Stone Temple Pilots Interstate love song59:-
CDS Stone Temple Pilots Sex type thing40:-
CD Stone Temple Pilots CoreSÅLD
LP Straight Eight Straight to the heart99:-
LP Straitjacket Fits Hail69:-
LP Stranglers All live69:-
LP Stranglers DreamtimeSÅLD
LP Stranglers Aural sculpture79:-
LP Stranglers RavenSÅLD
CD Strokes Is this itSÅLD
12" Style Council It didn't matter59:-
12" Suburbs Music for boys59:-
CDS Suede We are the pigsSÅLD
CD Suede Sci-fi lullabiesSÅLD
LP Sugarcubes Here today, tomorrow next weekSÅLD
7" Sun & Moon Speed of life50:-
LP T.C. Matic Yé yéSÅLD
LP T.C. Matic ChocoSÅLD
LP Tad (grunge) Salt lickSÅLD
7" Teardrop Explodes Passionate friend60:-
LP Tenpole Tudor Let the four winds blow69:-
CD That Petrol Emotion Chemicrazy69:-
LP The Big Dish SwimmerSÅLD
LP The Big F sameSÅLD
LP The Krupps Entering the arena79:-
LP The Origin same59:-
12" The The Infected59:-
12" The The Sweet bird of truth59:-
LP The Wedding Present George BestSÅLD
LP Thin White Rope Exploring the axis69:-
LP Thin White Rope Red sun69:-
CD Third eye blind Blue49:-
7" Thompson Twins Nothing in common (sdtr)40:-
7" Thompson Twins In the name of love40:-
7" Thompson Twins LiesSÅLD
12" Thrashing Doves Jesus on the payroll49:-
LP Tikaram Tanita Ancient heartSÅLD
LP Tin Huey Contents dislodged during shipment69:-
LP Tom Robinson Band Power in the darknessSÅLD
LP Toyah Love is the law49:-
LP Toyah Minx49:-
LP Toyah The changeling49:-
LP True West Hollywood-holiday79:-
LP Ullman, Tracey You caught me out49:-
LP Ullman, Tracey You broke my heart in 17 places49:-
12" Ultra Vivid Scene Staring at the sun69:-
CD Ultra Vivid Scene same69:-
LP V.A. Cohen, Donovan, Andion Poets in New York 99:-
LP V.A. Klinik, Poesie Noire mfl One of a number Part of a whole69:-
LP V.A. Ramones Damned mfl New waveSÅLD
LP Vapors MagnetsSÅLD
10" Vedur Stofan Glórulaus59:-
2LP Velvet Underground Andy Warhol's V.U. feat. NicoSÅLD
LP Velvet Underground Lou Reed & Velvet UndergroundSÅLD
CD Velvet Underground ClassicSÅLD
CD Velvet Underground & Nico sameSÅLD
LP Venus Beads Incision49:-
LP Voice Of The Beehive Let it bee49:-
CD Waits, Tom Asylum yearsSÅLD
LP Waits, Tom SwordfishtrombonesSÅLD
LP Waits, Tom Small changeSÅLD
12" Wall Of Voodoo Do it again69:-
LP Wall Of Voodoo The ugly americans99:-
12" Warsaw = Joy Division The Ideal beginningSÅLD
LP Washington Squares Fair and square59:-
LP Weather Prophets Judges juries & horsemen69:-
LP Weather Prophets Mayflower69:-
LP Weekend la varieté79:-
7" West European Politics Women40:-
7" Wire Ahead30:-
12" Wire Train She comes on59:-
LP Wire Train In a chamber69:-
LP Wire Train Between two words59:-
CD Wolf & Cub Vessels (digi)49:-
LP Woodentops Hypno beat59:-
12" Woodentops Everyday living39:-
LP Woodentops Wooden foot cops on the highway59:-
LP Working Week Working nights49:-
LP Wovenhand Ten stonesSÅLD
LP Wovenhand The TreshingfloorSÅLD
LP Wreckless Eric Big smashSÅLD
7" XTC This world over30:-
12" XTC Ball and chain49:-
12" XTC The meeting place59:-
LP XTC Drums and wires49:-
LP XTC The Big expressSÅLD
2LP XTC Oranges & lemonsSÅLD
CD XTC Wasp star49:-
2LP Ştiu Nu Ştiu Fake end220:-
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