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Format Artist Titel Pris
7" 10 CC Dreadlock holiday40:-
EP 9 Below Zero Pack fair square40:-
7" 9.9 All of me for all of you30:-
7" A-Ha Take on me30:-
7" A-Ha Sun always shine on TV30:-
7" ABC All of my heart30:-
7" Act Too late at 2030:-
7" Adam & The Ants Dog eat dogSÅLD
7" Adams, Bryan Heaven20:-
7" Adams, Bryan Everything I do20:-
7" Alarm Sold me down the river40:-
7" Allen, Greg Gearjammers helper40:-
7" Animotion Obsession50:-
7" Armoury Show Glory of love50:-
7" Arno Forget the cold sweat30:-
7" Art Of Noise Close to the editSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise KissSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise LegacySÅLD
7" Art Of Noise LegsSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise ParanoimiaSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise Yebo!SÅLD
7" Art Of Noise Art of loveSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise Moments in loveSÅLD
7" Art Of Noise/Duane Eddy Peter gunnSÅLD
7" Atelier Folie No rhyme no reason40:-
7" Beck, Jeff Wild thing40:-
7" Bee Gees Jive talkin'30:-
7" Bee Gees You should be dancing30:-
7" Benatar, Pat Hit me with your best shot40:-
7" Bible Crystal palace50:-
7" Big Audio Dynamite C´mon every60:-
7" Black More than the sun40:-
7" Black Hey Presto40:-
7" Black Everything´s coming...(White vinyl)SÅLD
7" Black Paradise40:-
7" Blondie Dreaming40:-
7" Bolan, Marc You scare me to death50:-
7" Bolan, Marc You scare me to death (FLEXI)75:-
7" Bolton, Michael Love is a wonderful thing40:-
7" Bonnet, Graham Night games50:-
7" Boomtown Rats Someone's looking at you30:-
7" Boomtown Rats Banana republic30:-
7" Boston Amanda40:-
7" Bowie / Crosby Peace on earthSÅLD
7" Bowie / Jagger Dancing in the street40:-
7" Bowie, David Young AmericansSÅLD
7" Bowie, David Baal40:-
7" Bowie, David Ashes to ashesSÅLD
7" Bowie, David Absolute beginners30:-
7" Bowie, David Let's dance30:-
7" Bowie, David Blue Jean30:-
7" Bowie, David Fame / Right40:-
7" Bowie, David White light white heat50:-
7" Bowie, David Cat people (sdtr)40:-
7" Bowie, David Tonight (7)SÅLD
7" Bowie, David Breaking glass40:-
7" Bread The guitar man40:-
7" Brighouse & Rastrick The Floral dance40:-
7" Brooks, Elkie Fool if you think40:-
7" Brown Sam Stop!40:-
7" Browne, Jackson For America40:-
7" Burnett, T-Bone Baby fall down50:-
7" Burnette Rocky Tired of toein the line30:-
7" Cactus World News The bridge40:-
7" Cactus World News Worlds apart40:-
7" Cactus World News Years later40:-
7" Café Créme Unlimited citations30:-
7" Call I don't wanna40:-
7" Call In the river40:-
7" Capaldi Jim Shoeshine40:-
7" Captain Sensible Wot30:-
7" Carmen, Eric I wanna hear it40:-
7" Carnes Kim Bette Davis eyes40:-
7" Cassidy, John Lucie, Lucie30:-
7" Chicago Look away30:-
7" China Crisis Tragedy & mysterySÅLD
7" Christie Yellow river40:-
7" Clapton, Eric Knockin' on heaven's door50:-
7" Climie / Fisher Love changes40:-
7" Cole, Lloyd & Commotions Jennifer she said40:-
7" Cole, Lloyd & Commotions Brand new friend50:-
7" Comsat Angels Independence day (Double-Pack)50:-
7" Cope, Julian 5 o'clock world40:-
EP Cope, Julian Trampolene (Lettersleeve + poster)60:-
7" Cope, Julian World shut your mouth40:-
7" Cope, Julian China doll50:-
7" Cope, Julian Charlotte Anne40:-
7" Costello, Elvis Watching the detectivesSÅLD
7" Costello, Elvis Clubland40:-
7" Costello, Elvis I'm your toy40:-
EP Costello, Elvis New Amsterdam50:-
7" Costello, Elvis From a whisper to a scream40:-
7" Covington, Julie Only women bleed30:-
7" Cult Rain30:-
7" Cult She sells sanctuary50:-
7" Cult Love removal machine30:-
7" Cult Edie (ciao baby)50:-
7" Culture Club Do you really want to hurt me30:-
7" Dalbello Black on black40:-
7" Darts Duke of Earl40:-
7" David & David Welcome to boomtown50:-
7" De Ville, Mink Italian shoes30:-
7" Deacon Blue Real gone kid50:-
7" Dead End Kids Have I the right50:-
7" Dead Or Alive Something in my house50:-
7" Deee Lite Power of love40:-
7" Del Amitri Kiss this thing goodbye50:-
7" Derek & Dominoes (dvs Clapton ) LaylaSÅLD
7" Dickson, Barbara Lover's serenade30:-
7" Dickson, Barbara In the night30:-
7" Diesel Park West All the myths on Sunday50:-
7" Doce Bem Bom (Eurovision 1982)30:-
7" Dolby's Cube May the cube be with you60:-
7" Dolce Joe I saw mommy kissing santa Claus30:-
7" Donovan, Jason When you come40:-
7" Dooleys Wanted40:-
7" Dr. Hook A little bit more30:-
7" Dr. Hook Sylvia's motherSÅLD
7" Eagles Please come home for ChristmasSÅLD
7" Eagles Heartache tonight40:-
7" Edmunds, Dave Almost saturday night40:-
7" Edmunds, Dave Singing the blues40:-
7" Eight Wonder Baby baby40:-
7" Electric Light Orchestra Evil woman40:-
7" Electric Light Orchestra Strange magic40:-
7" Ellert Love lies30:-
7" Elton John Don't go breaking...SÅLD
7" Elton John Don't you wanna...30:-
7" Employees Pick it up60:-
7" Endgames Desire30:-
7" English Jon Josephine30:-
7" Essex, David Gonna make you a star30:-
7" Essex, David Oh what a circus30:-
7" Eurythmics Love is a stranger30:-
7" Eurythmics Here comes the rain again30:-
7" Eurythmics There must be an angel30:-
7" Everything But The Girl Don´t leave me behind40:-
7" Everything But The Girl I don´t want to talk about it40:-
7" Fans Olé olé olé30:-
7" Fassbender, Susan Twilight café40:-
7" Ferry, Bryan What goes on30:-
7" Ferry, Bryan You go to my head40:-
7" Ferry, Bryan Don´t stop the dance40:-
7" Fiction Factory Ghost of love30:-
7" Fiction Factory Not the only one30:-
7" Fish State of mind40:-
7" Fish Internal exile40:-
7" Flaming Mussolinis My Cleopatra50:-
7" Flash and the Pan California40:-
7" Fleetwood Mac Tusk (w PS)40:-
7" Fleetwood Mac Tusk (US)40:-
7" Foreigner That was yesterday40:-
7" Foreigner That was yesterday30:-
7" Foxton, Bruce Freak40:-
7" Fra Lippo Lippi Come summer40:-
7" Frampton, Peter Show me the way40:-
7" Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two tribes20:-
7" Frankie Goes To Hollywood Warriors20:-
7" Frankie Goes To Hollywood Watching20:-
7" Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome to the pleasuredome20:-
7" Freddie Mercury & M. Gaballé Barcelona30:-
7" Gabriel, Peter Shock the monkey50:-
7" Gabriel, Peter Big time40:-
7" Gabriel, Peter Sledgehammer40:-
7" Gabriel, Peter Walk through the fire (sdtr)30:-
7" Gallant, Patsy Angie40:-
7" Gene loves Jezebel Desire40:-
7" Gibb, Andy Shadow dancing30:-
7" Gibb, Andy An everlasting love30:-
7" Gibbons Band, Steve Get up and dance (Röd vinyl)50:-
7" Gipsy Kings Volare30:-
7" Glitter, Gary Remember me this way30:-
7" Golde, Jean Live wire40:-
7" Golden Earring Quiet eyes40:-
7" Golden Earring Something heavy going down40:-
7" Grace Jones Apple stretching40:-
7" Green On Red Gas food lodging40:-
7" Hamill, Claire The moon is a powerful loverSÅLD
7" Happening Thang I don't wanna go to work40:-
7" Hardcastle, Paul Just for money40:-
7" Harley, Steve IrresistibleSÅLD
7" Harrison, Jerry Rev it up30:-
7" Harrison, Jerry Rev it up (UK)30:-
7" Harrison, Jerry Kickstart30:-
7" Harry, Debbie French kissin30:-
7" Hartman, Dan Get otta town40:-
7" Hartman, Dan Streets of fire (sdtr)40:-
7" Hayward & Lodge Blue guitar50:-
7" Head, Murray Picking up40:-
7" Hey Elastica This town40:-
7" Heyward, Nick Over the weekend30:-
7" Heyward, Nick Warning sign30:-
7" Hoffman Institute Terrorhythm40:-
7" Hongkong Syndikat Too much30:-
7" Hooters All you zombies30:-
7" Hurrah! Sweet sanity50:-
7" Hurrah! Big sky40:-
7" Icehouse Electric blue40:-
7" Iggy Pop Isolation / Hideaway40:-
7" Indochine Canary baySÅLD
7" Its Immaterial Driving away40:-
7" J. Geils Band Freeze frame30:-
7" J. Geils Band Centerfold30:-
7" Jackson Joe Jack you´re dead30:-
7" Jackson, Python Lee The blues30:-
7" James, Colin If you lean on me30:-
7" James, Colin Just came back30:-
EP Jeffreys Garland Escapades40:-
7" Jo Jo Zep & Falcons Shape I´m in50:-
7" Jon Bon Jovi Blaze of glory30:-
7" Jones, Rickie Lee Satellites30:-
7" Jones, Rickie Lee Real end40:-
7" Jones, Rickie Lee Young blood40:-
7" Kershaw, Nik Human racing (Double-Pack)SÅLD
7" Kershaw, Nik The riddle30:-
7" Khin Band, Greg Jeopardy40:-
7" Killing Joke Sanity40:-
7" Killing Joke Kings and queensSÅLD
7" Killing Joke Adorations40:-
7" King, Bobby / T. Evans Saturday night40:-
7" King, Jonathan Kung fu anthem30:-
7" Kissoon, Mac & Katie Love will keep us together30:-
7" Lauper, Cyndi Girls just want to have funSÅLD
7" Lennon, John Nobody told me40:-
7" Lennon, John & Yoko Ono Happy xmasSÅLD
7" Les Negresses Vertes Voila l´été40:-
7" Level 42 Chant has begun30:-
7" Level 42 Something about you30:-
7" Lewis, Huey Heart of R'n'R40:-
7" Lewis, Huey If this is it50:-
7" Lightning Seeds Pure30:-
7" Lone Justice I found love30:-
7" Lopez, Trini Y volvere (Spain press)40:-
7" Lovelady, Bill One more reggae40:-
7" Lowe, Nick Love the sound...30:-
7" Lukather, Steve Lonely beat of my heart40:-
7" Lynne, Jeff Every little thing30:-
7" Lynne, Jeff Doing that crazy thing60:-
7" Machine Club Creep show30:-
7" Madness Baggy trousers75:-
7" Madonna Crazy for you (Soundtrack)30:-
7" Mammoth Can't take the hurt30:-
7" Marillion Garden party50:-
7" Marillion Kayleigh40:-
7" Marilyn Baby u left me30:-
7" Marshall, Hain Dancing in the night40:-
7" McCartney, Paul Ebony & ivory30:-
7" McKee, Maria Days of thunder (sdtr)30:-
7" McTell, Ralph Streets of London40:-
7" Mellencamp, John C Paper in fire40:-
7" Mercury, Freddie Born to love youSÅLD
7" Miller, Frankie Darlin'30:-
7" Milli Vanilli Girl you know it's true20:-
7" Minogue, Kylie Wouldn't change a thing30:-
7" Mobiles Drowning in BerlinSÅLD
7" Modern Romance Best years of our lives30:-
7" Modern Talking You're my heart30:-
7" Morrison, Van Cry for home60:-
7" Morrison, Van Eternal Kansas city50:-
7" Morrison, Van Sense of wonder50:-
7" Morrison, Van Natalia50:-
7" Motors Airport30:-
7" N.T. Gang There's a noise going on30:-
7" Nicolai The Thing (VINRÖD vinyl)SÅLD
7" O´Connor, Hazel D-Days40:-
7" One Hundred Ton & Feather It only takes a minute30:-
7" Original Mirrors Dancing with the rebels30:-
7" Our Daughter's Wedding Lawnchairs40:-
7" Outfield Voices of Bbylon30:-
7" Owen, Chris Keep on whats up40:-
7" Oxo Whirly girl30:-
7" Paper Lace The night Chicago died40:-
7" Parker jr, Ray Ghostbusters (sdtr)SÅLD
7" Perry, Steve Foolish heart40:-
7" Pierre Edouard A mon age deja fatigue40:-
7" Pretenders 2000 miles30:-
7" Prince Paisley park30:-
7" Prince Anotherlover (POSTER-omslag)SÅLD
7" Propaganda Heaven give me words30:-
7" Psychedelic Furs All that money wants30:-
7" Queen We are the championsSÅLD
7" Queen Radio ga ga30:-
7" Queen Another one bites the dust30:-
7" R.E.M. Don´t go back to Rockville50:-
7" Rafferty, Gerry Baker street30:-
7" Rainmakers Small circles40:-
7" Ramazotti, Eros Se bastasse30:-
7" Rankin, Billy Baby come back30:-
7" Red Guitars America and me40:-
7" Renée and Renato Save your love40:-
7" Reo Speedwagon Take it...30:-
7" Richard, Cliff Mistletoe and wine30:-
7" Robinson Tom Never gonna fall in love30:-
7" Robinson, Tom 2-4-6-8 MotorwaySÅLD
7" Rodgers, Clodagh Jack in the box (Eurovision)60:-
7" Rolling Stones Highwire40:-
7" Rolling Stones Undercover of the night30:-
7" Rolling Stones Mixed emotions30:-
7" Rolling Stones Harlem shuffle40:-
7" Roxy Music Angel eyes40:-
7" Roxy Music Both ends burning30:-
7" Roxy Music Virginia plain / Street life40:-
7" Russians New recruits50:-
7" Sad Among Strangers Taking off...40:-
7" Sailor Girls, girls, girls40:-
7" Screaming Blue Messiahs Bikini red30:-
7" Sentacruz, Daniel Soleado40:-
7" Shearston, Gary I get a kick50:-
7" Shelley, Pete Homosapien30:-
7" Shocking Blue Venus (1969)30:-
7" Silencers Painted moonSÅLD
7" Simon, Carly Nobody does it matter40:-
7" Skellern, Peter Hold on to love30:-
7" Skids Jona30:-
7" Skids Circus games30:-
7" Skids Woman in winter (w Comic book)50:-
7" Smith, Hurricane Oh babe40:-
7" Smithereens Only a memory30:-
7" Snowy White For you50:-
7" SO Burning bush50:-
7" Sparks Change40:-
7" Sparks Young girls50:-
7" Sparks The Number one song in heaven50:-
7" Spear Of Destiny So in love with you40:-
7" Springfield, Dusty In private30:-
7" Springsteen, Bruce Dancing in the dark30:-
7" Stewart, Rod What am I gonna do30:-
7" Sting Russians30:-
7" Styx Babe40:-
7" Sweet Funny, funny50:-
7" Sweet Teenage rampage30:-
7" T'pau Heart and soul30:-
7" Talking Heads Houses in motion30:-
7" Talking Heads And she was30:-
7" Tchaikovsky Bram Girl of my dreams (Double-pack)50:-
7" Tears For Fears Mad world30:-
7" Tears For Fears Pale shelter30:-
7" Thrashing Doves Angel visit40:-
7" Tikaram, Tanita We almost got it together30:-
7" Tourists From the middle room (GUL vinyl)75:-
7" Townshend, Pete Face the face30:-
7" Trilobites Venus in leather50:-
7" Tubes She's a beauty40:-
7" Turner, Simon BabySÅLD
7" TXT Cold as ice40:-
7" Tyla Gang Tropical loveSÅLD
7" U2 Desire49:-
7" U2 Desire49:-
7" U2 When love come to town30:-
7" UB 40 Red red wine30:-
7" UB 40 I got you babe30:-
7" V.A. Walkabouts, Flatmates, Handmedowns, Cheepskates Sound Affects magazine (VIT vinyl)50:-
7" Walsh, Joe Life's been good40:-
7" Warwick, Dionne That's what friends are for40:-
7" Watts, John Speaking a different language30:-
7" Wham Young guns30:-
7" White Cross Don't break their hearts50:-
7" Wilde, Kim Love blonde40:-
7" Wilde, Kim You comeSÅLD
7" Win Super popoid groove (Double-pack)50:-
7" Witt, Joachim Golden er reiter50:-
7" Wizzard See my baby jive50:-
7" Wolf, Peter I need you tonight30:-
7" World Party Private revolution40:-
7" Yani, Kate Bacardi feeling50:-
7" Young, Neil Little thing called love40:-
7" Zavaroni, Lena Ma, he's making eyes at me40:-
7" Singles (367)