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Format Artist Titel Pris
CD Amen Corner If paradise is ... (best of)SÅLD
7" Andersson, Bill Wild weekend40:-
2CD Animals Complete AnimalsSÅLD
LP Animals sameSÅLD
LP Animals Best ofSÅLD
LP Animals same (US)SÅLD
CD Animals The Singles plus59:-
LP Animals AnimalismSÅLD
LP Animals AnimalizationSÅLD
LP Animals same (Regal)SÅLD
EP Anka Paul The Sensational (Diana)60:-
7" Armstrong / O'Kaysions Split-singel30:-
LP Baez, Joan JoanSÅLD
CD Band Joplin Hendrix mfl Woodstock diarySÅLD
CD Band The same79:-
LP Band, The Music from big pink (UK)SÅLD
LP BBC TV Good Old Days , Music Hall Leeds99:-
LP Beach Boys Best of vol. 349:-
LP Beach Boys Bug in69:-
LP Beach Boys Dance dance dance49:-
LP Beach Boys Best of vol 189:-
LP Beach Boys 15 Big onesSÅLD
CD Beach Boys Smiley smile / Wild honeySÅLD
LP Beach Boys Summer daysSÅLD
LP Beach Boys Love youSÅLD
LP Beach Boys Best of vol 299:-
LP Beach Boys Smiley smileSÅLD
LP Beach Boys All summer longSÅLD
2CD Beach Boys California gold - Very Best OfSÅLD
LP Beach Boys ConcertSÅLD
LP Beach Boys Keepin' the summer aliveSÅLD
CD Beach Boys Pet soundsSÅLD
2LP Beatles 1967-1970149:-
LP Beatles Please please meSÅLD
LP Beatles Rock 'n' roll music Vol 2SÅLD
CDS Beatles Free as a bird49:-
CD Beatles A hard day's nightSÅLD
LP Beatles Magical mystery tour SÅLD
2CD Beatles Vita dubbeln / White albumSÅLD
LP Beatles Abbey road SÅLD
LP Beatles Yeah yeah yeah A hard day's nightSÅLD
CD Beatles For saleSÅLD
2LP Beatles Live at the Star-Club ... (2LP)SÅLD
LP Beatles Yellow submarine (180 g)SÅLD
LP Beatles Rarities (svensk promo)SÅLD
LP Beatles Beatles at the Hollywood BowlSÅLD
2LP Beatles White albumSÅLD
CD Beatles RevolverSÅLD
LP Beatles In HamburgSÅLD
LP Beatles GreatestSÅLD
2LP Beatles 1962-1966SÅLD
LP Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club BandSÅLD
LP Beatles Help SÅLD
LP Beatles Yellow submarineSÅLD
LP Beatles Hey Jude (Misprint februari 70)SÅLD
CD Beatles Magical mystery tourSÅLD
CD Beatles Let it beSÅLD
CD Beatles 1SÅLD
CD Beatles Abbey RoadSÅLD
CD Beatles Rubber soulSÅLD
CD Beatles With the BeatlesSÅLD
2CD Beatles Vita dubbeln , 30th anniversarySÅLD
CD Beatles Help!SÅLD
EP Beatles Beatles HitsSÅLD
EP Beatles No. 175:-
CD Beatles Please please meSÅLD
LP Beatles Let it beSÅLD
LP Beatles Golden greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Beatles Beatles BalladsSÅLD
LP Beatles With The BeatlesSÅLD
2LP Beatles Rock 'N' Roll Music (2LP)SÅLD
7" Beatles Love me do75:-
CD Beatles Yellow submarineSÅLD
CD Beatles Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club bandSÅLD
LP Beatles 20 Greatest HitsSÅLD
LP Beatles RevolverSÅLD
LP Beatles For saleSÅLD
2LP Beatles Vita dubbeln / White album (180 g)SÅLD
LP Beatles Reel musicSÅLD
2CD Beatles Anthology 2SÅLD
CD Beatles An apple a day keeps the doctor awaySÅLD
LP Beatles A hard days nightSÅLD
LP Beatles Sgt Peppers lonely.. ( Pic Disc )SÅLD
LP Beatles Abbey road ( Pic Disc )SÅLD
7" Beatles All you need is loveSÅLD
2LP Beatles Beatles Tapes (2lp)SÅLD
LP Beatles Yellow submarine (French 1969)SÅLD
2CD Beatles 1962-1966SÅLD
2CD Beatles 1967-1970119:-
CD Beatles LoveSÅLD
LP Beatles A Collection of Beatles oldiesSÅLD
EP Beatles Magical mystery tour (2 EP)SÅLD
2CD Beatles Live at the BBC (2cd)SÅLD
LP Beatles Rock 'n' roll music Vol 1SÅLD
2LP Beatles White album / Vita dubbelnSÅLD
LP Beatles Rubber soulSÅLD
2CD Beatles Anthology 3SÅLD
LP Beatles British are coming (3D picture disc)249:-
EP Beatles Rock and roll music (GEOS 231)149:-
LP Beatles (1960-1962)89:-
LP Beatles Beatles in Italy349:-
LP Beatles For saleSÅLD
LP Beatles A hard days nightSÅLD
7" Beatles / Tony Sheridan My BonnieSÅLD
LP Bee Gees Horizontal119:-
LP Belafonte, Harry Excerpts from the Carnegie Hall69:-
LP Belafonte, Harry Exerpts from Carnegie Hall ConcertSÅLD
2LP Belafonte, Harry This is Harry BelafonteSÅLD
7" Benton, Brook Hotel happiness50:-
LP Berry, Chuck Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Berry, Chuck St Louis to LiverpoolSÅLD
LP Berry, Chuck After school sessions SÅLD
LP Berry, Chuck Berry is on topSÅLD
LP Berry, Mike Rock's in my head59:-
LP Big Brother.... / Janis Joplin Cheap thrillsSÅLD
CD Big Brother.... / Janis Joplin Cheap trillsSÅLD
7" Bodel, Eleanor One way ticketSÅLD
LP Boone, Pat Star DustSÅLD
LP Boots Randolph The best of49:-
7" Bowen, Jimmy I'm sticking with you40:-
LP Box Tops Non stopSÅLD
7" Browne, George Mary's boy child40:-
CD Buffalo Springfield Retrospective (best of)SÅLD
LP Buffalo Springfield Last time around119:-
LP Burdon, Eric Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Burdon, Eric and the Animals Best of vol. II299:-
LP Burnette, Rocky same39:-
CD Byrds Younger than yesterdaySÅLD
LP Byrds ByrdmaniaxSÅLD
LP Byrds Sweetheart of the rodeoSÅLD
CD Byrds Fifth dimensionSÅLD
2LP Byrds UntitledSÅLD
LP Byrds Fifth dimensionSÅLD
CD Byrds Notorious Byrd brothers59:-
CD Byrds Sweetheart of the rodeoSÅLD
LP Byrds Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Byrds Younger than yesterdaySÅLD
5CD Byrds Original album classics (5CD)SÅLD
LP Canned Heat Rollin' and tumblin'149:-
LP Canned Heat Boogie withSÅLD
LP Canned Heat Boogie withSÅLD
LP Carr, Vikki It must be him89:-
LP Carr, Vikki Love story69:-
EP Charles, Ray Modern sounds...SÅLD
LP Chrystals Sing their greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Cochran, Eddie 20 Rock ´n´ roll hits49:-
LP Cochran, Eddie The Very best ofSÅLD
LP Cochran, Eddie Summertime blues99:-
7" Cocker, Joe With a little help from my friends75:-
7" Cole, Nat King Let there be love30:-
7" Cooke, Sam If you were the only girl75:-
LP Country Joe & the Fish I-feel-like-I'm-fixin'-to-die149:-
LP Cowsills II X II79:-
CD Cream Strange brew - Very best ofSÅLD
LP Cream Greatest Rock sensationSÅLD
2LP Cream Wheels of fireSÅLD
LP Cream Best ofSÅLD
CD Cream Disraeli gears69:-
CD Cream Fresh CreamSÅLD
LP Cream Fresh cream275:-
2LP Cream Best of (2lp)SÅLD
EP Crosby Bing Going my way 30:-
LP Dal Sterling Little Billy Earl mfl Swampcats beatSÅLD
LP Dave Clark Five In sessionSÅLD
LP Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick Tich Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Davis Jr, Sammy In person '7759:-
LP Davis Jr, Sammy Sings great TV-tunes49:-
LP Davis Jr, Sammy Something for everyone59:-
LP Diamond, Neil Beautiful noise59:-
LP Diddley, Bo Chess story vol. 479:-
EP Dietrich, Marlene Sag mir wo die blumen sind , EP50:-
7" Domino, Fats You win again75:-
LP Donovan What's Bin did and what's Bin hidSÅLD
LP Donovan Barabajagal149:-
2LP Donovan The World ofSÅLD
LP Donovan Universal SoldierSÅLD
LP Donovan Open roadSÅLD
LP Donovan Mellow Yellow89:-
CD Donovan Greatest hitsSÅLD
CD Donovan HitsSÅLD
LP Doors Full circleSÅLD
CD Doors Soft parade69:-
CD Doors Morrison hotel69:-
LP Doors Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Doors sameSÅLD
LP Doors Waiting for the sunSÅLD
CD Doors Best ofSÅLD
CD Doors Strange daysSÅLD
CD Doors Waiting for the sunSÅLD
CD Doors L.A. Woman69:-
LP Doors Other voices99:-
2CD Doors Best of , (2CD)SÅLD
LP Doors Soft parade175:-
LP Doors sameSÅLD
LP Doors Strange days (US orig)SÅLD
CD Doors Waiting for the sunSÅLD
LP Doors Live at the Hollywood BowlSÅLD
LP Doors Morrison hotelSÅLD
LP Downliners Sect The SectSÅLD
LP Downliners Sect same (mega rare SWE ONLY lp)SÅLD
CD Downliners Sect Definitive D.S. Singles A's & B'sSÅLD
LP Dupree, Simon & Big Sound Without reservations499:-
CD Dylan, Bob Times they are a-changin'SÅLD
7" Dylan, Bob Lay lady laySÅLD
LP Eddy, Duane Yesterday's pop scene59:-
LP Electric Flag A long time comin' SÅLD
EP Epae, Jay Putti puttiSÅLD
LP Ever Green Blues 7 do eleven59:-
2LP Everly Brothers Collection69:-
LP Everly Brothers Golden hits175:-
LP Everly Brothers Gone gone gone89:-
7" Every Mothers Son Come on down to my boat30:-
LP Fabulous Thunderbirds Powerful stuffSÅLD
LP Fabulous Thunderbirds Hot numberSÅLD
LP Fabulous Thunderbirds Butt rockin'SÅLD
LP Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff enuffSÅLD
LP Fabulous Thunderbirds What's the wordSÅLD
LP Faithfull, Marianne As tears go bySÅLD
7" Fame , Georgie Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde50:-
LP Flash Cadillac & Continental Kids Sons of the beaches40:-
LP Fleetwood Mac sameSÅLD
LP Fleetwood Mac Then play onSÅLD
CD Fleetwood Mac Looking back onSÅLD
LP Fleetwood Mac Best ofSÅLD
6CD Fleetwood Mac Complete Blue Horizon SessionsSÅLD
CD Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston (HDCD)SÅLD
2CD Fleetwood Mac Live at the BBCSÅLD
LP Fleetwood Mac Pious bird of good omen SÅLD
EP Ford, Emile What do you want to make... EP40:-
LP Ford, Emile Big hitsSÅLD
EP Four Aces She sees all the Hollywood hits, EP60:-
LP Francis, Connie Sing along withSÅLD
2LP Garland, Judy At Carnegie hall89:-
7" Goldsboro , Bobby Honey50:-
LP Gordon, Robert same (with Link Wray)SÅLD
LP Gordon, Robert Fresh fish special69:-
LP Gordon, Robert Fresh fish special79:-
7" Gorme, Eydie Yes my darling daughter50:-
LP Guthrie, Arlo Alice's restaurant79:-
LP Guthrie, Arlo Alice's restaurant (Sdtr)SÅLD
LP Haley, Bill Mister rock 'n' roll49:-
LP Haley, Bill 20 Greatest hits49:-
LP Harpers Bizarre 4SÅLD
CD Hendrix, Jimi Are you experienced?SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Best ofSÅLD
7" Hendrix, Jimi Burning of the midnight lampSÅLD
CD Hendrix, Jimi Best ofSÅLD
7" Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo chileSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Axis: bold as loveSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Axis: bold as loveSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Crash landingSÅLD
CD Hendrix, Jimi Axis: Bold as loveSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Woke up... and found myself deadSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi My best friendSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi EarlySÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Cry of loveSÅLD
CD Hendrix, Jimi Smash hitsSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Crash landingSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Band of gypsys (EU , puppet)SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Smash hitsSÅLD
CD Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo soupSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Midnight lightningSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Are you experiencedSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Welcome homeSÅLD
2LP Hendrix, Jimi The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (2LP)SÅLD
2CD Hendrix, Jimi Experience Hendrix (2cd)SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Are you experiencedSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Rainbow bridge , (sdtr)SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Crash landingSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Isle Of Wight (live)SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Band of gypses (US)SÅLD
2LP Hendrix, Jimi Live at Winterland (2LP, clear vinyl)SÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi Axis: bold as loveSÅLD
2LP Hendrix, Jimi Electric ladylandSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi In the westSÅLD
LP Hendrix, Jimi & Curtis Knight That special soundSÅLD
LP Hep Stars We and our CadillacSÅLD
7" Hep Stars CadillacSÅLD
LP Hep Stars On stage199:-
LP Hep Stars sameSÅLD
LP Herman's Hermits Best of vol 3SÅLD
LP Herman's Hermits Introducing H.H.SÅLD
LP Hermans Hermits Hold on69:-
LP Hollies For certain because ...SÅLD
2CD Hollies Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Hollies ButterflySÅLD
LP Hollies Evolution199:-
LP Hollies GreatestSÅLD
LP Hollies Hollies sing HolliesSÅLD
LP Hollies Reflection (= same, 1965)99:-
LP Hollies Would you believe?SÅLD
LP Holly, Buddy Best of69:-
LP Holly, Buddy Greatest HitsSÅLD
LP Holly, Buddy RememberSÅLD
LP Holly, Buddy Best ofSÅLD
LP Holly, Buddy 20 Golden greatsSÅLD
LP Hounds Lion sleeps tonightSÅLD
LP Hounds From the Hounds with love89:-
LP Hurriganes Sixteen golden greatsSÅLD
LP Hurriganes RoadrunnerSÅLD
LP Ingman, Jörgen Guitar in Hi-Fi99:-
7" Ingmann , Jörgen Pepe40:-
LP Jan and Dean Vey best of 59:-
LP Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic pillowSÅLD
LP Jefferson Airplane Best ofSÅLD
LP Jefferson Airplane Takes offSÅLD
LP Jefferson Airplane Worst of (=best of)SÅLD
LP Jerry Lee Lewis Original golden hits 249:-
LP Jett, Joan Good musicSÅLD
7" Jones, Paul My advice to you40:-
LP Jones, Tom Green green grass of home65:-
LP Joplin, Janis Greatest hits (UK)SÅLD
2LP Joplin, Janis AnthologySÅLD
CD Joplin, Janis Very best of (CBS)SÅLD
CD Joplin, Janis PearlSÅLD
CD Joplin, Janis I got dem ol Kozmic Blues again mama SÅLD
CD Joplin, Janis CollectionSÅLD
2CD Joplin, Janis Ultimate Collection ( 2cd )SÅLD
LP Joplin, Janis I got dem ol Kozmic Blues again mamaSÅLD
7" Kalin Twins When / Three o'clock thrill40:-
7" King, Wayne Melody of love30:-
2CD Kinks Kontroversy (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
LP Kinks Muswell HillbilliesSÅLD
LP Kinks Sunny afternoonSÅLD
LP Kinks Live at Kelvin HallSÅLD
2CD Kinks Singles collection + Waterloo sunsetSÅLD
CD Kinks You really got me ( Best Of )SÅLD
LP Kinks Well respected KinksSÅLD
2CD Kinks Face to face (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
2CD Kinks Something else (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
2CD Kinks Kinda Kinks (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
2CD Kinks same (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
LP Kinks Kink KontroversySÅLD
7" Kinks Victoria99:-
3CD Kinks Remastered (3CD)SÅLD
LP Kinks LolaSÅLD
LP Kinks Well respected Kinks249:-
LP Kostal, Irwin Sound of Music , SDTRSÅLD
EP Lai / Croisille Un homme une femme, (French EP)99:-
7" Lee, Dickey Laurie75:-
CD Lehrer, Tom An evening wasted with T.L.49:-
CD Lennon, John Imagine - Music from the Motion PicSÅLD
LP Lewis, Jerry Lee Live at the Star Club HamburgSÅLD
LP Lewis, Jerry Lee Southern rootsSÅLD
2LP Lewis, Jerry Lee Session (London med engelsmän)119:-
2LP Little Richard Little Richard story89:-
LP Little Richard 20 orginal hits69:-
LP Little Richard Live49:-
7" Little Richard Lucille49:-
CD Los Lobos Neighborhood79:-
CD Los Lobos How will the wolf surviveSÅLD
LP Los Lobos How will the wolf survive?SÅLD
LP Los Lobos By the light of the moon59:-
LP Los Lobos And a time to dance59:-
LP Lovin' Spoonful You didn't have to be so niceSÅLD
CD Lovin' Spoonful Summer in the city49:-
LP Lulu The Most of Lulu vol 2SÅLD
EP Malmkvist, Siw Kärleksgasen + 360:-
LP Mamas & Papas People like usSÅLD
LP Mamas & Papas sameSÅLD
CD Mamas & Papas Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Manfred Mann Mann made89:-
LP Manfred Mann History of British Pop vol 6SÅLD
7" Manfred Mann Fox on the run40:-
7" Marcels Blue moon / Goodbye to love40:-
7" Mascots Words enough to tell youSÅLD
LP Mayall, John Blues aloneSÅLD
CD Mayall, John Blues from Laurel canyonSÅLD
LP Mayall, John & Bluesbreakers A hard roadSÅLD
7" McLean, Don VincentSÅLD
7" Merseybeats This is merseybeat50:-
7" Miller, Mitch Riwer Kwai march40:-
7" Mills Brothers Yellow bird40:-
CD Monroe, Marilyn Movie HitsSÅLD
7" Montenegro, Hugo Hang 'em high (Sdtr)50:-
LP Moody Blues Days of future passedSÅLD
LP Moore, Scotty What's left99:-
EP Moreau, Jeanne Jules et Jim , EP (Sdtr)99:-
12" Move Archive 4 , (12 EP)SÅLD
LP Move same119:-
LP Neil Armstrong mfl på Apollo 11 We have landed on the moon75:-
7" Newton, Wayne Can't you hear the song?40:-
LP Ofarim, Ester & Abi Up to date79:-
LP Ola & Janglers LimelightSÅLD
7" Oliver Good morning starshine30:-
LP Orbison, Roy More of Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Orbison, Roy Mystery girl69:-
2CD Orbison, Roy EssentialSÅLD
2LP Orbison, Roy All-time greatest HitsSÅLD
LP Orbison, Roy Orbison way99:-
2LP Orbison, Roy In dreams - Greatest hits (2LP)SÅLD
LP Paige, Elaine Memories69:-
7" Palmer, Val / Al Todd Please mr postman / I really love you40:-
2LP Peanuts Golden deluxe (Japan 2LP)199:-
LP Perkins, Carl Rocking manSÅLD
LP Perkins, Carl The original Carl Perkins119:-
LP Peter Paul Mary See what tomorrow brings69:-
LP Phantom, Rocker & Slick same40:-
EP Platters Golden hits, EP50:-
7" Platters Only you40:-
LP Platters same59:-
CD Presley, Elvis Golden Records SÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis Separate waysSÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis I got luckySÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis How great thou artSÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis Blue christmasSÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis Elvis golden record'sSÅLD
CD Presley, Elvis The Number One hitsSÅLD
CD Presley, Elvis Elvis 30 nr 1 Hits49:-
CD Presley, Elvis Elvis Gold records vol 4SÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis King CreoleSÅLD
CD Presley, Elvis That's the way it isSÅLD
CD Presley, Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via SatelliteSÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis sameSÅLD
LP Presley, Elvis Elvis Country79:-
EP Presley, Elvis Elvis Volume III , (EP)SÅLD
LP Pretty Things Get the picture?SÅLD
LP Price Set, Alan A price on his headSÅLD
LP Proby P.J. sameSÅLD
LP Procol Harum sameSÅLD
7" Procol Harum A whiter shade of pale / Salty dogSÅLD
LP Pure Love & Pleasure A record of P L & P89:-
7" Ray, Johnny Just walking in the rain (Pic Disc)SÅLD
CD Refreshments 24-7SÅLD
CD Refreshments Real songs on real instrumentsSÅLD
7" Renis, Tony Quando quando30:-
LP Rhinoceros Better times are comingSÅLD
2LP Richard, Cliff Famous popgroups59:-
LP Richard, Cliff Best of Cliff RichardSÅLD
LP Richard, Cliff Me and my shadowsSÅLD
LP Richard, Cliff Me and my shadows (UK-press)SÅLD
LP Richard, Cliff & Shadows Our friendsSÅLD
7" Richmond, Ben Blue byrd50:-
LP Righteous Brothers Re-birthSÅLD
EP Robertino O sole mio, EP40:-
LP Robeson, Paul Best of59:-
LP Rolling Stones Let it bleedSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones No. 2SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Big hits ( High tide and...) RESÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Aftermath (US version)SÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Between the buttons (US version)SÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Out of our heads (UK version)SÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Got live if you want it SÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Their satanic majesties requestSÅLD
CD Rolling Stones Now!SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Black and blueSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Still lifeSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Dirty workSÅLD
CD Rolling Stones sameSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Out of our heads (stereo Unboxed)SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Beggars banquet (unboxed)SÅLD
2LP Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Flowers (stereo)SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Between the buttons SÅLD
LP Rolling Stones sameSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones Their satanic majesties requestSÅLD
LP Rolling Stones same (PIC, compilation)SÅLD
7" Rose, David Theme from High Chaparral49:-
LP Ryder, Mitch What now my love119:-
LP Savoy Brown A step furtherSÅLD
EP Saxon, Al Marina + 350:-
LP Searchers Golden hour ofSÅLD
LP Searchers Smash Hits vol 299:-
LP Searchers Sugar and spiceSÅLD
CD Searchers Complete collection49:-
CD Searchers CollectionSÅLD
LP Searchers Meet the Searchers (uk)249:-
LP Seekers Live at the Talk of the TownSÅLD
7" Setzer, Brian The knife feels like justice49:-
LP Setzer, Brian Live nude guitarsSÅLD
LP Shadows Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Shadows Live in Japan 79:-
LP Shakin Stevens Two kinds of music Rock and Roll49:-
7" Show, Sandie Puppet on a string50:-
7" Sinatra, Frank My way / Blue lace30:-
LP Sinatra, Frank September songSÅLD
7" Skinnar, Barbro Lyckan kommer lyckan går SÅLD
12" Small Faces Itchycoo park + 369:-
LP Small Faces By appointmentSÅLD
LP Small Faces In memoriamSÅLD
CD Small Faces Ultimate CollectionSÅLD
2CD Small Faces same (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
2CD Small Faces From the beginning (2cd Deluxe ed)SÅLD
LP Small Faces Sha-la-la-la-leeSÅLD
LP Small Faces There are but four Small FacesSÅLD
LP Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone FlakeSÅLD
CD Small Faces Ogdens' nut gone flakeSÅLD
7" Small, Millie My boy lollipopSÅLD
LP Sonny & Cher LiveSÅLD
LP Spanky & Our Gang Live49:-
LP Spector, Phil 20 Greatest hitsSÅLD
LP Spencer Davis Group AutumnSÅLD
LP Spencer Davis Group DimplesSÅLD
LP Spencer Davis Group Second album249:-
LP Spotnicks In Paris (stereo)SÅLD
LP Spotnicks We don't wanna play Amapola...79:-
LP Spotnicks Out-a spaceSÅLD
LP Spotnicks At home in Gothenburg119:-
LP Steam Na na hey hey kiss him good-bye79:-
7" Sten & Stanley Regnets rytm49:-
7" Stephen, Henry Limon lomonero50:-
LP Stevens, Shakin' There are two kinds of music R'n'R40:-
LP Stray Cats Rant n' RaveSÅLD
LP Stray Cats sameSÅLD
LP Stray Cats Gonna ballSÅLD
LP Stray Cats Blast offSÅLD
CD Stray Cats Back to the alley (Best of)SÅLD
EP Streaplers Diggity doggety + 3SÅLD
7" Sven-Ingvars Vid din sidaSÅLD
7" Sven-Ingvars Det tror jag inte på40:-
LP Tages Extra extra119:-
LP Tages 2SÅLD
LP Tages sameSÅLD
LP Tee Set Ma Belle Amie69:-
LP Them , featuring Van Morrison CollectionSÅLD
EP Tormé, Mel For swingers75:-
7" Tornados TelstarSÅLD
LP Traffic Heavy Traffic (greatest hits)SÅLD
LP Traffic sameSÅLD
7" Tune Rockers / Busters Green mosquito / Bust out40:-
LP Turtles Collection59:-
LP Twitty, Conway The rock and roll story79:-
LP United Sons of America same69:-
2LP V.A. Golden club oldies vol.259:-
2LP V.A. Golden summer59:-
2LP V.A. Sixties mix69:-
LP V.A. Pop music from 196749:-
LP V.A. Byrds Hendrix Steppenwolf Easy rider (sdtr)SÅLD
LP V.A. Crystals Ronettes mfl Sounds Spectacular (Phil Spector)SÅLD
3LP V.A. Hendrix Jefferson Airplane Woodstock (ost, sdtr)SÅLD
LP V.A. Johnny Jano Little Miss Peggie Goldband Rockabilly49:-
LP V.A. Meteors , Link Wray 20 Great Guitar instrumentalsSÅLD
CD V.A. Monkees Box Tops Animals Absolute Sixties40:-
2LP V.A. Page Beck Clapton Mayall White boy bluesSÅLD
LP V.A. Sonics Weeds Kingsmen Nuggets vol 8 , NorthwestSÅLD
2CD V.A. Troggs Kinks Hollies mfl Sixties BeatSÅLD
EP Vaughan, Sarah Banana boat song50:-
7" Vaughn, Billy A swingin safari30:-
2LP Ventures Portrait99:-
LP Ventures Now playingSÅLD
2LP Ventures 10th Anniversary album69:-
LP Ventures Surfin'SÅLD
LP Vincent, Gene I'm back and I'm proudSÅLD
7" Vinton, Bobby Mr lonely / There I've said it again40:-
LP Violents String of hitsSÅLD
LP Walker Brothers Sun ain't gonna shine anymore89:-
LP Walker Brothers Hitsounds69:-
LP We Five Make someone happy59:-
CD Who Who are you59:-
CD Who Who's next69:-
2CD Who My generation ( Deluxe edition ) 99:-
LP Who , Hendrix Backtrack 3SÅLD
2CD Who, the Collection (2cd)SÅLD
2LP Who, The The Kids are alright (sdtr)SÅLD
LP Who, The Face dancesSÅLD
LP Who, The sameSÅLD
2CD Who, The My generation (2cd Deluxe edition)SÅLD
LP Who, The Greatest rock sensation (best of)SÅLD
2LP Who, The Tommy (Rare 2LP)SÅLD
LP Who, The Who's nextSÅLD
2LP Who, The + Various artists Quadrophenia ( sdtr )SÅLD
7" Wiklund, Gunnar Mest av alltSÅLD
EP Wiklund, Gunnar När ljusen tändas därhemma40:-
LP Williams, Jerry I can jiveSÅLD
LP Williams, Jerry JW49:-
LP Williams, Jerry Dr Williams & Mr DynamiteSÅLD
LP Williams, Jerry Leader of the packSÅLD
7" Willis, Chuck C.C. rider40:-
LP Wray, Link sameSÅLD
LP Yardbirds RememberSÅLD
LP Yardbirds same ( Street cover )SÅLD
LP Yost, Dennis & Classics IV Stormy69:-
CD Zombies Odessey and oracleSÅLD
50-60´s/R´n´R (573)