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Swedish Artists
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Hip Hop/R&B


Format Artist Titel Pris
2CDAlice In ChainsJar of flies / SapSÅLD
CDAlice In ChainssameSÅLD
LPAltered ImagesPinky blueSÅLD
7"Anderson, LaurieLanguage is a virus30:-
LPAnderson, LaurieHome of the braveSÅLD
LPAnderson, LaurieBig scienceSÅLD
LPArmoury ShowWaiting for the floods69:-
LPArno same SÅLD
7"Art BearsRats & monkeys99:-
LPAu PairsPlaying with a different sex249:-
7"Aztec CameraAll I need is everything40:-
12"À;GrumhThe price is rightSÅLD
12"À;GrumhAnd now for something completely..SÅLD
12"À;GrumhBloody sideSÅLD
12"À;GrumhToo many cocks spoil the breathSÅLD
LPBailey, Chris What we did on our holidays SÅLD
LPBauhausBurning from the insideSÅLD
LPBauhausSingles 1981-83SÅLD
LPBauhausIn the flat fieldSÅLD
2LPBauhausSwing the heartache, BBC SessionsSÅLD
LPBauhausSky's gone outSÅLD
7"Belle StarsSigns of the times30:-
LPBert BartenBuried alive89:-
LPBill Nelsons Red NoiseSound on soundSÅLD
12"BirdlandSleep with me49:-
12"Birthday PartyPeel sessionsSÅLD
CDBirthday PartyJunk yardSÅLD
CDBirthday PartyMutiny / The Bad Seed EPSÅLD
CDBirthday PartyHitsSÅLD
LPBlackWonderful life79:-
LPBlack GrapeStupid stupid stupid349:-
LPBleachedRide your heart129:-
LPBlue AeroplanesSwaggerSÅLD
LPBlue BellsSisters69:-
7"Blue ZooCry boy cry50:-
LPBoomtown RatsA tonic for the troopsSÅLD
LPBoomtown RatsV Deep69:-
EPBragg, BillyLevi Stubbs tears60:-
7"Bright, BetteHello I am your heart30:-
7"Bright, BetteWhen you were mine40:-
LPButthole Surfers PiouhgdSÅLD
LPButthole SurfersRembrandt pussyhorseSÅLD
12"Cabaret VoltaireDon't argue49:-
12"Cabaret VoltaireDream ticket59:-
LPCabaret VoltaireThe Crackdown69:-
7"Cale, JohnOoh la la30:-
LPCale, JohnCaribbean sunset79:-
7"Camper Van BeethovenLife is grandSÅLD
CDCaptain BeefheartSafe as milkSÅLD
LPCaptain BeefheartIce cream for crowSÅLD
LPCaptain BeefheartUnconditionally guaranteedSÅLD
CDCaptain BeefheartUnconditionally guaranted69:-
LPCarnival ArtThrumdrone69:-
2LPCave InAntennaSÅLD
LPCave, NickThe Firstborn is deadSÅLD
CDCave, NickNo more shall we partSÅLD
CDCave, NickMurder balladsSÅLD
2CDCave, NickNocturama (lim. ed bonus-dvd)SÅLD
CDCave, NickSongs for a november night149:-
CDCave, NickMurder ballads (Limited edition)SÅLD
2CDCave, NickBest of + bonus Live-cdSÅLD
LPCave, NickKicking against the pricksSÅLD
LPCave, Nick & Bad seedsDig Lazarus dig! , (LP+12)SÅLD
12"Chapter and the VerseBlack whip59:-
12"Chemistry SetDon't turn away (Spain)89:-
LPChristian DeathPast, present and forever179:-
CDChurchSometime anywhereSÅLD
CDChurchMagician among the spiritsSÅLD
LPCocteau TwinsTreasureSÅLD
12"Colorblind James Exp.Peel sessions79:-
LPColorblind James Experiencesame69:-
7"Colour FieldThinking of youSÅLD
7"Colour FieldThe Colour field40:-
7"Colour FieldCastles in the airSÅLD
7"Colour FieldTakeSÅLD
12"ColourboxBaby I love you so59:-
12"ColourboxThe official C.B. world cup themeSÅLD
LPConnellsFun and games69:-
12"Coyle, PeterCircles of lies59:-
CDCreedHuman claySÅLD
LPCureFaith (gatefold)SÅLD
7"CureHanging GardenSÅLD
7"CureThe Walk50:-
7"CureInbetween daysSÅLD
7"CureA letter to Elise69:-
LPCureSeventeen secondsSÅLD
LPCureFaith (uk)SÅLD
CDCureBoys don't crySÅLD
CDCureWild mood swingsSÅLD
2LPCureKiss me kiss me kiss meSÅLD
2LPCureKiss me kiss meSÅLD
LPCutting CrewBroadcast59:-
12"Daisy ChainsawPink flower49:-
7"Dalis CarThe judgement is the mirror79:-
LPDeacon BlueFellow hoodlums69:-
LPDead Can DancesameSÅLD
LPDead Can DanceSerpent's eggSÅLD
LPDead Can DanceSpleen and idealSÅLD
CDDelawareAnd everything reminds me49:-
CDSDeusSister Dew40:-
7"Devo Peek a booSÅLD
12"Died PrettyNext to nothing59:-
LPDied PrettyEvery brilliant eye79:-
LPDiesel Park WestFlipped79:-
LPDiesel Park WestShakespeare Alabama69:-
LPDizzy SatellitesDizzneyworld79:-
7"DodgemsLord Lucan is missing99:-
LPDont Mean MaybeLive Sample59:-
12"DriveGo out - be happy59:-
7"Dury, IanI want to be straight30:-
7"Dury, IanHit me with your rhythm stick75:-
7"Dury, IanSex & drugs & rock & roll75:-
LPDury, IanDo it yourself (uk)SÅLD
LPDury, IanLaughterSÅLD
LPDury, IanNew boots and pantiesSÅLD
LPDury, IanJuke-box DurySÅLD
7"Dury, Ian & BlockheadsWhat a waste30:-
LPEatSell me a God69:-
7"Echo & BunnymenBring on the dancing horsesSÅLD
7"Echo & BunnymenKilling moonSÅLD
LPEcho & BunnymensameSÅLD
LPEcho & BunnymenOcean rainSÅLD
LPEcho & BunnymenReverberationSÅLD
12"Echo & BunnymenBedbugs and ballyhoo SÅLD
LPEcho & Bunnymensame (mini-lp 5 track live)SÅLD
2CDEditorsWeight of your love69:-
LPEinstürzende NeubautenHalber menschSÅLD
CDEinstürzende NeubautenTabula rasa (digi)SÅLD
CDEinstürzende NeubautenPerpetuum mobile (digi)SÅLD
LPEuropeansRecurring dreamsSÅLD
LPEverything But the GirlLanguage of lifeSÅLD
LPFabulous PoodlesThink pink69:-
LPFatima MansionsViva dead ponies89:-
LPFields Of The NephilimThe Nephilim199:-
2LPFields of the NephilimEarth inferno (2LP)249:-
12"Fields of the NephilimBlue water (12)99:-
LPFields of the NephilimEliziumSÅLD
LPFields of the NephilimElizium - bild på Insert:-
LPFields of the NephilimDawnrazor219:-
12"Fields of the NephilimSumerland (12EP)119:-
LPFields of the NephilimLauraSÅLD
LPFischer-ZRed skies over paradise69:-
LPFischer-ZWorld salat89:-
7"FIXXOne thing leads to another40:-
7"FIXXSecret separation40:-
LPFluidRoadmouth ( Sub Pop )SÅLD
7"Flying LizardsMoney60:-
7"Flying LizardsTV60:-
7"Flying LizardsLovers & other strangers60:-
LPFoetus InterruptusThaw149:-
2CDFoo FightersIn your honorSÅLD
CDFury In The SlaughterhouseMono59:-
CDFury In The SlaughterhouseSeconds to fall69:-
7"Gang Of FourTo hell with powerty60:-
7"Gang Of FourI love a man in uniformSÅLD
LPGang Of FourEntertainmentSÅLD
CDGang Of FourEntertainment!SÅLD
CDSGarbagePush it49:-
7"Gene Loves JezebelThe Cow60:-
7"Go-BetweensSpring rain75:-
LPGo-BetweensBright yellow bright orangeSÅLD
LPGo-BetweensLiberty Belle and Black Diamond ..SÅLD
LPGuadalcanal DiaryWalking in the shadow of the big manSÅLD
CDGun ClubPastoral hide & seekSÅLD
LPGun ClubFire of loveSÅLD
CDHarvey PJRid of meSÅLD
CDHarvey PJStories from the city stories ...SÅLD
CDHarvey PJTo bring you my love59:-
CDHarvey PJTo bring you my love59:-
CDHarvey PJIs this desire?59:-
LPHDQSoul finder69:-
LPHip HoraceHand it back395:-
12"Hogan, Annie (+ Nick Cave)Plays Kickabye 249:-
2LPHousemartinsNow that's what I call quite goodSÅLD
LPHousemartinsLondon O Hull 4SÅLD
LPHousemartinsPeople who grinned themselves...SÅLD
LPHummingbirdsLove Buzz49:-
12"HypnoticsJustice in freedom59:-
LPIn The Colonnadessame99:-
12"In The ColonnadesFryday145:-
LPIts ImmaterialLife is hard and then you die59:-
CDJane's AddictionNothing's shockingSÅLD
CDJane's AddictionRitual de lo habitualSÅLD
CDJarvinen, ArthurErase the fake69:-
LPJazz ButcherFishcotheque69:-
CDJesus and Mary ChainPsychocandy49:-
LPJesus And Mary ChainAutomaticSÅLD
7"Jesus Loves YouBow down mister40:-
LPJoy DivisionLive at Manchester 1979 (first press)SÅLD
12"Joy Division Love will tear us apartSÅLD
LPJoy DivisionPeel sessionsSÅLD
12"Joy DivisionAtmosphere (1988)SÅLD
LPJoy DivisionUnknown pleasuresSÅLD
LPJoy DivisionCloserSÅLD
12"Joy DivisionAtmosphere (1980)SÅLD
CDJoy DivisionCloserSÅLD
2LPJoy DivisionStill349:-
LPKentucky HeadhuntersPickin on Nashville69:-
CDSKerbdogDry riser (digi)49:-
LPKingmakerEat yourself whole79:-
LPKitchens Of DistinctionStrange free world59:-
LPL'AmourderUnder slow pillarsSÅLD
CDLatin Quarter Nothing like velvet95:-
LPLatin QuarterModern times69:-
CDLe TigresameSÅLD
LPLet's ActiveEvery dog has his day59:-
LPLewie, JonaOn the other hand there is a fistSÅLD
CDSLiveThe Dolphin's cry49:-
12"Loves Young NightmaresAll to muchSÅLD
12"Lovich, LeneBird songSÅLD
7"Lovich, LeneNew toy30:-
LPLovich, LeneFlexSÅLD
12"LuxuriaThe beast box is dreaming49:-
7"MagazineAbout the weather50:-
7"MagazineRhythm of cruelty75:-
LPMagazineThe correct use of soapSÅLD
LPMagazinePlay (live)SÅLD
LPMagazineSecondhand daylightSÅLD
LPMagazineMagic murder and the weather (UK)89:-
EPMagazineCrime and punishment, EP199:-
LPMas, CarolynModern dreams79:-
LPMas, CarolynHold on79:-
LPMaterial / Bill LaswellSeven soulsSÅLD
LPMembers1980 the choice is yours69:-
LPMembersAt the Chelsea nightclub79:-
LPMissionGrains of sandSÅLD
LPMissionGods own medicineSÅLD
LPMissionCarved in sandSÅLD
12"MissionBeyond the pale (Armageddon Mix)69:-
LPMock TurtlesTwo sides69:-
7"Modern EnglishSmiles and laughter60:-
12"Modern EnglishGladhouse69:-
LPMoodistsThirsty's calling79:-
7"More ProteinJesus loves you40:-
CDMorrisseyRingleaders of the tormentorsSÅLD
LPMorrisseyViva hateSÅLD
LPMorrisseyKill uncleSÅLD
CDMorrisseySouthpaw grammarSÅLD
CDMorrisseyBona dragSÅLD
CDMorrisseyBest ofSÅLD
7"MorrisseyPiccadilly PalareSÅLD
7"MorrisseyOur FrankSÅLD
7"MorrisseyLast of the famous intern. playboys SÅLD
CDMorrisseyRingleader of the tormentors49:-
CDMorrisseyYou are the quarrySÅLD
LPMotorsApproved by the MotorsSÅLD
LPMX-80 SoundOut of the tunnelSÅLD
LPMX-80 SoundCrowd controlSÅLD
CDMy Bloody ValentineLovelessSÅLD
CDMy Bloody ValentineIsn't anythingSÅLD
CDSNada SurfPopular40:-
LPNash The SlashMillion year picknicSÅLD
12"New Fast Automatic DaffodilsFishes eyes49:-
LPNew Model ArmyVengeanceSÅLD
7"New OrderCeremonySÅLD
7"New OrderProcessionSÅLD
7"New OrderBlue monday 1988SÅLD
7"New OrderTemptation 99:-
12"New OrderBlue monday 1988SÅLD
LPNicoDrama of exileSÅLD
7"NirvanaSmells like teen spiritSÅLD
12"NirvanaBlew , (12 PIC EP)SÅLD
CDNirvanaIt's better to burn out than to ...SÅLD
LPO'Connor, HazelCover plusSÅLD
CDSOasisD'you know what I mean? (promo)SÅLD
12"OpalNorhern lineSÅLD
LPPearl Harbor & Explosionssame69:-
LPPearl JamTenSÅLD
LPPenetrationMoving targets79:-
LPPersonnelOn strike69:-
LPPete Wylie and WahInfamy69:-
LPPeter & Test Tube BabiesSoberphobia69:-
LPPhillips, SamCruel inventions69:-
12"PigbagGetting up69:-
12"PigbagHit the O'deck69:-
LPPigbagLend an ear89:-
LPPixiesCome on pilgrimSÅLD
LPPixiesDoolittle (Limited edition)SÅLD
LPPixiesSurfer RosaSÅLD
CDPixiesSurfer RosaSÅLD
LPPixiesTrompe le mondeSÅLD
7"Plastic BertrandStop ou encore30:-
7"Plastic BertrandSentimental me30:-
LPPlay DeadCompany of justice79:-
LPPlaygroundSleeping dogs69:-
LPPoi Dog PonderingWishing like a mountain...69:-
7"Pop Will Eat ItselfThere is no love50:-
LPPrefab SproutFrom Langley Park to MemphisSÅLD
LPPrefab SproutSteve McQueenSÅLD
CDPrimal ScreamVanishing pointSÅLD
LPPritchard, Bill3 months 3 weeks 2 days119:-
12"Public Image LimitedBad lifeSÅLD
7"Public Image LtdDeath discoSÅLD
CDRadioheadPablo honey40:-
LPRain ParadeCrashing dream69:-
LPRandom HoldThe view from here99:-
2LPRed Hot Chili PeppersBlood sugar sex magikSÅLD
7"RevillosBongo brain49:-
LPRevillosRev up249:-
CDRex3 (digipack)39:-
CDRideGoing blank againSÅLD
7"Ridgway, StanCalling out to CarolSÅLD
12"Ridgway, StanWalkin home aloneSÅLD
LPRiver City Tanlines I'm your negative119:-
CDSRollins BandDisconnectSÅLD
LPRomeo VoidInstincts79:-
12"Romeo VoidNever say never79:-
LPSandii & SunsetzImmigrants79:-
CDSearchBloodbathe & bazaar...59:-
7"Secret AffairLet your heart dance30:-
LPShocked, MichelleShort sharp shocked69:-
12"ShriekbackWorking on the ground49:-
CDSigur Rós( )SÅLD
7"SilencersI see red40:-
LPSilencersDance to the holy manSÅLD
CDSilverfishOrgan fan69:-
LPSimcessPlay with your life79:-
7"Sisters Of MercyDoctor JeepSÅLD
LPSisters Of MercyVision thingSÅLD
CDSisters Of MercyFloodlandSÅLD
12"Sisters Of MercyNo time to cry (12)SÅLD
2LPSisters Of MercyAdult movies (2lp)SÅLD
LPSisters Of MercyLord of darknessSÅLD
LPSisters Of MercyFirst and last and alwaysSÅLD
LPSisters Of MercyWe're all aware of thatSÅLD
LPSisters Of MercyHalf Moon over AmsterdamSÅLD
7"SkidsWorking for the yankee dollar30:-
7"SkidsSweet SuburriaSÅLD
LPSkidsDays in EuropaSÅLD
LPSleepWin or looseSÅLD
12"Smashing PumpkinsI am oneSÅLD
LPSmith, PattiDream of lifeSÅLD
LPSmith, PattiWaveSÅLD
LPSmith, PattiEasterSÅLD
LPSmith, PattiRadio EthiopiaSÅLD
LPSmith, PattiHorsesSÅLD
LPSmithsMeat is murderSÅLD
LPSmithsStrangeways here we comeSÅLD
LPSmithsRank (us)SÅLD
LPSmithsThe Queen is deadSÅLD
2LPSmithsLouder than bombs (2lp)SÅLD
7"SmithsWhat difference does it make?SÅLD
7"SmithsGirlfriend in a comaSÅLD
7"SmithsBoy with the torn in his sideSÅLD
7"SmithsShoplifters of the world uniteSÅLD
7"SmithsI started something I couldn't finishSÅLD
7"SmithsThis charming man SÅLD
LPSnakefingerChewing hides the sound195:-
LPSnakefingerGreener Postures145:-
LPSnakefingerManual of errors195:-
LPSnakefingerAgainst the grain145:-
LPSnuffsaidbut...Workers playtime69:-
LPSomething HappensStuck together with God's glue69:-
CDSonic YouthExperimental Jet Set...SÅLD
CDSonic YouthDirtySÅLD
CDSonic YouthWashing machineSÅLD
LPSouled AmericanAround the horn99:-
LPSoup DragonsThis is our Art69:-
CDSpektor, ReginaSoviet kitschSÅLD
CDSpektor, ReginaBegin to hope59:-
LPSpringhouseLand falls69:-
CDSStone Temple PilotsVasoline30:-
CDSStone Temple PilotsDays of the week49:-
CDSStone Temple PilotsBig bang baby49:-
CDSStone Temple PilotsInterstate love song59:-
CDSStone Temple PilotsSex type thing40:-
CDStone Temple PilotsCoreSÅLD
LPStraight EightStraight to the heart99:-
LPStraitjacket FitsHail69:-
LPStranglersAll live69:-
LPStranglersAural sculpture79:-
12"Strawberry SwitchbladeTrees and flowers (12)199:-
CDStrokesIs this itSÅLD
12"Style CouncilIt didn't matter59:-
12"SuburbsMusic for boys59:-
CDSSuedeWe are the pigsSÅLD
CDSuedeSci-fi lullabiesSÅLD
LPSugarcubesHere today, tomorrow next weekSÅLD
7"Sun & MoonSpeed of life50:-
LPSwansBurning worldSÅLD
LPSwansYoung god + 3 (12"EP)349:-
12"SwansSpeak E.P.#1 SÅLD
LPT.C. MaticYé yéSÅLD
LPT.C. MaticChocoSÅLD
LPTad (grunge)Salt lickSÅLD
7"Teardrop ExplodesPassionate friend60:-
LPTenpole TudorLet the four winds blow69:-
CDThat Petrol EmotionChemicrazy69:-
LPThe Big DishSwimmerSÅLD
LPThe Big FsameSÅLD
12"The DanceStay down79:-
LPThe DanceSoul force149:-
LPThe DanceIn lust149:-
LPthe FallBend sinister299:-
12"the FallThere's a ghost in my house (12EP)149:-
LPthe FallI am kurious oranjSÅLD
LPThe KruppsEntering the arena79:-
LPThe Originsame59:-
12"The TheInfected59:-
12"The TheSweet bird of truth59:-
LPThe TheInfectedSÅLD
LPThe TheSoul mining79:-
LPThe Wedding PresentGeorge BestSÅLD
LPThin White RopeExploring the axis69:-
LPThin White RopeRed sun69:-
CDThird eye blindBlue49:-
7"Thompson TwinsNothing in common (sdtr)40:-
7"Thompson TwinsIn the name of love40:-
7"Thompson TwinsLiesSÅLD
12"Thrashing DovesJesus on the payroll49:-
LPTikaram TanitaAncient heartSÅLD
LPTin HueyContents dislodged during shipment69:-
LPTom Robinson BandPower in the darknessSÅLD
LPToyahLove is the law49:-
LPToyahThe changeling49:-
LPTrue WestHollywood-holiday79:-
LPUllman, TraceyYou caught me out49:-
LPUllman, TraceyYou broke my heart in 17 places49:-
12"Ultra Vivid SceneStaring at the sun69:-
CDUltra Vivid Scenesame69:-
LPV.A. Cohen, Donovan, AndionPoets in New York 99:-
LPV.A. Klinik, Poesie Noire mflOne of a number Part of a whole69:-
LPV.A. Ramones Damned mflNew waveSÅLD
10"Vedur StofanGlórulaus59:-
2LPVelvet UndergroundAndy Warhol's V.U. feat. NicoSÅLD
LPVelvet UndergroundLou Reed & Velvet UndergroundSÅLD
CDVelvet UndergroundClassicSÅLD
CDVelvet Underground & NicosameSÅLD
LPVenus BeadsIncision49:-
LPVoice Of The BeehiveLet it bee49:-
CDWaits, TomAsylum yearsSÅLD
LPWaits, TomSwordfishtrombonesSÅLD
LPWaits, TomSmall changeSÅLD
12"Wall Of VoodooDo it again69:-
LPWall Of VoodooThe ugly americans99:-
12"Warsaw = Joy Division The Ideal beginningSÅLD
LPWashington SquaresFair and square59:-
LPWeather ProphetsJudges juries & horsemen69:-
LPWeather ProphetsMayflower69:-
LPWeekendla varieté79:-
7"West European PoliticsWomen40:-
12"Wire TrainShe comes on59:-
LPWire TrainIn a chamber69:-
LPWire TrainBetween two words59:-
CDWolf & CubVessels (digi)49:-
LPWoodentopsHypno beat59:-
12"WoodentopsEveryday living39:-
LPWoodentopsWooden foot cops on the highway59:-
LPWorking WeekWorking nights49:-
LPWovenhandTen stonesSÅLD
LPWovenhandThe TreshingfloorSÅLD
LPWreckless EricBig smashSÅLD
7"XTCThis world over30:-
12"XTCBall and chain49:-
12"XTCThe meeting place59:-
LPXTCDrums and wires49:-
LPXTCThe Big expressSÅLD
2LPXTCOranges & lemonsSÅLD
2LPŞtiu Nu ŞtiuFake end220:-


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